About this site

The idea of Kino.social is to provide a quiet little place where you can watch nice films without being distracted or tracked. “Kino” is a common European word for a cinema.

We don’t show pirated stuff, just films that have been legally uploaded to PeerTube and Archive.org. The films are all either public domain or distributed under a creative commons licence. You can see a film’s PeerTube or Archive page by clicking on its name under the video window, which contains more details about the film as well as a download link.

We don’t embed YouTube or other commercial services’ videos because they contain trackers that violate privacy. Also, Kino.social itself does not use trackers, cookies or analytics of any kind.

The selection here is very small, but the films have been handpicked. If you prefer a much wider selection (though with a bit of a “fire hose” approach) take a look at Archive.org’s film section.

If you want to suggest a film, or have any other queries or feedback, you can email the following address:

You can follow us on Mastodon and through RSS.

If you want to upload your own films without using a commercial service, you can join the PeerTube network.

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