Beyond Tomorrow (1940)
Three engineers have a Christmas party but their guests cancel, so they decide to invite strangers

The Big Combo (1955)
Film noir, a policeman hunts a mob boss.

Blood on the Sun (1945)
Spy thriller set in pre-war Japan, James Cagney stars as an American reporter who upsets the authorities

Detour (1945)
Film noir, a piano player decides to travel across the US

The File on Thelma Jordon (1950)
Noir drama starring Barbara Stanwyck, an unhappy man working late drowns his sorrows in drink

Great Guy (1936)
Jimmy Cagney stars as a recently promoted local official fighting corruption in New York

High School Big Shot (1959)
Drama about an intelligent teenager who sees his future being drunk away by his father

The Hitch-Hiker (1953)
Drama thriller, based on the true story of a kidnapping

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923)
Silent romantic drama starring Lon Chaney, based on the classic novel by Victor Hugo

The Intruder (1962)
Drama about a charismatic white supremacist during the time of desegregation

Kansas City Confidential (1952)
Noir crime drama, a bank robber recruits a gang to help him

The Last Time I Saw Paris (1954)
Romantic drama about an American returning to Paris after the Second World War, based on the F. Scott Fitzgerald story “Babylon Revisited”

Der letzte Mann (1924)
Silent drama about a hotel doorman, famous for its innovative cinematography

The Man With The Golden Arm (1955)
Oscar-nominated drama about a former drug addict who struggles with life outside prison

Meet John Doe (1941)
Drama comedy by Frank Capra about a newspaper columnist who invents a letter from a fictional reader, “John Doe”

Penny Serenade (1941)
Romantic drama, featuring an Oscar nominated performance by Cary Grant

The Red House (1947)
Psychological drama about the owner of an isolated farm

The Sadist (1963)
Drama thriller, based on the same real life events which inspired “Badlands” and “Natural Born Killers”

The St. Louis Bank Robbery (1959)
Heist drama starring a then-unknown Steve McQueen

Scarlet Street (1945)
Drama about an unhappy amateur painter

The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946)
Noir drama starring Barbara Stanwyck as a wealthy woman’s niece

The Stranger (1946)
Suspense drama about a fugitive Nazi, starring and directed by Orson Welles

Suddenly (1954)
Thriller starring Sterling Hayden and Frank Sinatra, set in the quiet town of Suddenly where nothing ever happens

The Ten Commandments (1923)
Epic version of the Biblical book of Exodus, followed by a modern day drama about applying the commandments in everyday life

This Is Not a Test (1962)
Low-budget suspense drama, a police officer is ordered to set up a roadblock on an isolated highway in the middle of the night

Too Late For Tears (1949)
Film noir drama, a couple unexpectedly finds a bag full of money thrown into their car