Short Films

Afternoon Class (2014)
Korean animation set in a school room

Alike (2015)
Spanish animated short, a father and son live in a world without joy

American Look (1958)
Short documentary made by Chevrolet about 1950s American design

Apollo 13: Houston, We’ve Got a Problem (1972)
Official NASA documentary about how the crippled Apollo 13 mission was brought home

Archive: The Internet Archive (2013)
Behind-the-scenes documentary about the Internet Archive, how it works and who runs it

Are You Popular? (1947)
Brief guide to how teenagers should behave in post-war America

The Balloonatic (1923)
Surreal Buster Keaton silent comedy

Basic Brown, Basic Blue (1969)
Bizarre short documentary about colours by Homer Groening (father of Simpsons creator Matt Groening)

Bendito Machine I: Everything You Need (2006)
Animated look at humans as strange, inventive but irrational creatures

Bendito Machine II: The Spark of Life (2007)
Short animation, a new kind of drink proves popular with the humans

Bendito Machine III: Obey His Commands (2009)
Animation about a group of humans who find a strange screen

Bendito Machine IV: Fuel the Machines (2012)
The humans discover a source of power

Bendito Machine V: Pull the Trigger (2014)
An alien comes to observe the humans

Betty Boop and Grampy (1935)
Comedy short, Betty visits old man Grampy

Betty Boop in Snow-White (1933)
The first animated version of Snow White

Betty Boop: Minnie the Moocher (1932)
Surreal animated short, featuring Cab Calloway performing his most famous song

Betty Boop’s Hallowe’en Party (1933)
Animation, Betty Boop invites her weird friends round for a Halloween party

Big Buck Bunny (2008)
Short CGI animation about a large rabbit

Caminandes 1: Llama Drama (2013)
Animated short about a Llama wandering in the Andes

Caminandes 2: Gran Dillama (2013)
Animation, the llama spies some berries

Caminandes 3: Llamigos (2016)
Animation, the llama finds a baby penguin

Christmas Comes But Once A Year (1936)
Short animation by the Fleischers about an orphanage at Christmas

Christmas Reading of Genesis by Apollo 8 (1968)
The crew of Apollo 8, the first lunar mission, read from the Bible on Christmas Day while in orbit around the Moon

Cops (1922)
Silent comedy by Buster Keaton, made during the trial of his colleague Fatty Arbuckle

The Daily Dweebs (2017)
Short CGI animation, a dog meets a chicken

Dancing On The Moon (1935)
Short musical animation by Fleischer Studios, a space rocket takes newlyweds for a romantic trip

Dating: Dos and Don’ts (1949)
Short instructional film advising post-war teenagers on how to have fun while courting

Don’t Be A Sucker (1943)
Short film made by the US government during World War Two, imploring people not to listen to racist conmen who claim to have easy answers

Duck and Cover (1951)
Civil defence film made by the US government during the Cold War, explaining how to protect yourself from a nuclear blast

Elephants Dream (2006)
Sci-fi animation about two people stuck in a strange world

Fantasmagorie (1908)
Brief and silent, this is the world’s first cartoon

Glass Half (2015)
Animated comedy, two art critics observe paintings in a gallery

The Haunted House (1921)
Short silent comedy by Buster Keaton, who plays a clerk in a large town bank

In The Suburbs (1957)
Short documentary, originally made to promote Redbook magazine to advertisers, but nowadays is more like a time capsule of 1950s consumerism

The Mascot (1933)
Pioneering stop-motion animation about a toy dog trying to help its ill owner, like a much darker version of Toy Story

The Mind-Benders: LSD and the Hallucinogens (1970)
Documentary made by the US government about the effects of illegal drugs

The Mystery of the Leaping Fish (1916)
Silent comedy featuring Douglas Fairbanks as detective Coke Ennyday who loves to take drugs

The Night Before Christmas (1905)
Very early silent short about a family waiting for Father Christmas to deliver their presents

One Week (1920)
Silent comedy by Buster Keaton, a newlywed couple decide to build their own house

Pipe Dream (2001)
Computer animation of a piece of music

Popeye For President (1956)
Cartoon comedy, Popeye and Bluto are rival candidates in a presidential election

Popeye: Fright To The Finish (1954)
Halloween-themed cartoon comedy

Protect and Survive: Casualties (1980)
Public information film made by the British government, explaining what to do with dead bodies after a nuclear attack

The River (1938)
Award-winning short documentary about the Mississippi river, focusing on the environmental impact of logging

Sense of Flying (2011)
Short documentary about a BASE jumper in a wingsuit

Sintel (2010)
Animated fantasy drama about a young girl and a baby dragon

Space Navigation (1968)
NASA documentary about the basic principles of space navigation, made just before the first Moon landing

The Story of Stuff (2007)
Documentary short about manufacturing and the consumer economy, presented in straightforward everyday language

The Story of Cosmetics (2010)
Short documentary about beauty products and their potential health hazards

The Story of Electronics (2011)
Documentary about electronic devices and their effect on the environment

Superman: The Mechanical Monsters (1941)
Action animation showing Superman facing off against giant robots, inspiration for the 2004 film “Sky Captain”

3rd Ave. El (1955)
Oscar-nominated short documentary about the elevated railway in New York

This Place in Time: The Mount St Helens Story (1984)
Documentary by the US Forest Service about the devastation caused by the eruption of the Mount St Helens volcano in 1980

A Trip Down Market Street Before the Fire (1906)
High-quality footage filmed from a cable car of Market Street in pre-disaster San Francisco

When Abortion Was Illegal: Untold Stories (1992)
Documentary about women’s experiences with “back street” abortions